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Aug 3, 2016 · 2 min read

Partnership with SilverBullion secured

We have negotiated a deal with SilverBullion, a renowned bullion dealer and custodian for DGX. This represents a significant step forward for Digix, as we found a traditional business being receptive to blockchain technology and are willing to work with us actively.

SilverBullion offers a unique p2p lending platform that allows users to pledge their Gold Bullion as collateral in return for a cash loan to various maturity dates.

Once we go live with DGX’s p2p integration with SilverBillion, it will be the first proof of concept as to how blockchain assets can interface with non blockchain services and platforms.

Presenting at DevCon2

We will be in Shanghai for DevCon2 presenting on Day 3–21st Sept. We look forward to seeing you there.

Digix’s stance on the Hard Fork in relation to DigixDAO and DGX

We are pro fork. As mentioned in earlier posts, DGDs will only be recognized on the pro fork chain and we will be relaunching DGX 2.0 on ETH for now. All ETC that were created from the Fork belongs to DGD token holders on the forked chain.

What if ETC ends up being the ‘winning’ chain?

We are ready to make DGX platform agnostic if this happens. As long as a chain uses the EVM, we will be able to have DGX on that chain.

What about the rewards to DGD token holders on the pro fork chain?

Regardless of which chain DGX will be on, all rewards / rebates will be tracked and returned to DigixDAO token holders on the forked chain. All core logic will reside on ETH.

Digix Writer

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