Progress update 30 April 2016

Listing of DGX on exchanges

  • As DGX tokens have demurrage and transaction fees, they make for a slightly more involved integration onto exchanges compared to DigixDAO tokens (DGDs). We will begin working with them shortly to see to its integration.

Webinars with potential DigixDAO collaborators

  • We have received a few project proposals for DigixDAO. We will start twice weekly sessions to showcase the types of projects that are seeking the help of DigixDAO token holders to spur its development. A separate article about this will be published together with their pitch deck. For those that cannot make the webinars, we will upload the recordings on youtube. This is to give everyone a sense of what projects are around that can help DigixDAO succeed.

Kanbanflow regular reports

  • We will be generating bi weekly task reports to update everyone about the progress at DigixGlobal and with DigixDAO. The public can then easily track what DigixGlobal is currently working on.

Tracking of DGX transaction fees collected

  • There is currently a way to watch the total fees collected by our Transaction Fee Contract on Mist. All transaction fees beginning Jan 15 2016 have been collected in this contract, and will be made available to DGD holders for claims when DAO governance is deployed live. A separate blog post will be written to track this information on Mist.

UI Update

  • We have started a design competition for our new UI client.

The community will help to pick the best 3 from the qualifying stage for the final stage. This will become our template for the new UI.

DigixDAO Governance Contracts

  • We hope to have this out within the month of May or latest mid June, however, as this is a new frontier in software development, delays may still occur if our independent security audit fails. We will keep everyone in the loop.

Reward Claiming

  • The first claims for rewards from DigixDAO will occur when we deploy the DAO governance contracts. This will start end of every quarter once DigixDAO is live. All transaction fees collected since live beta was launched on Jan 15 2016, will be available for claims in the 1st quarter.
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