Radar Relay + Digix — Oct 31st 2017

Partnering with Digix to bring a gold backed stablecoin to Radar

Digix Writer
Oct 30, 2017 · 2 min read

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Digix, the gold standard of blockchain technology. Partnering with Digix will allow Radar to provide a low volatility, gold backed token to users on our platform.”

-Alan Curtis, Radar Relay CEO

Tokenized Gold

Digix digitizes physical gold in a secure and trustless manner by backing every DGX with one gram of gold with full public auditability of the chain of custody using blockchain technology. Users have real time transparency, as well as having four third party audits per annum to ensure authenticity. The physical gold is also redeemable at any time.

Stablecoins like DGX will be a very important piece of networked liquidity and the crypto ecosystem in the future for payments, term loans, and anything that requires a more stable store of value.


When Digix relaunches with DGX 2.0, our partnership will scale their proof of asset protocol to a larger audience and give users easy access to gold backed tokens. Because Radar has N:N token trading, users will have a unique opportunity to trade any tokens for digitized gold.

“We’re excited to bring Digix to a larger audience and leverage Radar’s unique N:N token trading functionality to prove the stablecoin concept.”

-Kai C. Chng, Digix CEO

To learn more about Digix visit https://digix.global/

To learn more about Radar Relay visit https://radarrelay.com/

Digix Writer

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