Simple FAQ on how to purchase DGX on the marketplace

1. Once you have your KYC submission approved and Ethereum address whitelisted, you can proceed to click on the Buy DGX button:

This will bring you to the next step.

2. Import your keystore (that is associated with / generated your whitelisted Ethereum address) by clicking “Create” (for a Ledger) or “Import” (for a JSON file Keystore):

3. Choose the whitelisted wallet file from your computer:

  1. If you are using a Ledger, connect your Ledger and click “Create”, while enabling the Browser app:

B. If you have generated your Ethereum wallet address from a JSON keystore, click “Import” and upload your JSON Keystore file:

Once you have successfully imported your Keystore file, you will see a green Purchase DGX Now button:

Click on the green Purchase DGX Now button, and a window will pop up. You can enter the amount of ETH that you wish to spend to purchase DGX:

You can now start to purchase DGX 2.0!