Last week marked a pivotal moment for the Digix ecosystem.

Following the casting of votes by our community of DGD holders, the majority of DGD holders have voted for a dissolution of DigixDAO and to burn the remaining DGD in circulation, returning prorated amounts of ETH to token holders according to their DGD holdings.

While we felt strongly that the full vision of DigixDAO was not able to bear fruit, we are uplifted that the merits of the DAO model, where token holders are able to direct the proceeding course of action for a blockchain organization and be able to…

The red packet goes digital this Chinese New year

In a tradition dating back centuries, Chinese elders make gifts of money to children and unmarried relatives during the Lunar New Year, wishing wealth and prosperity for them in the coming year.

This gift-giving began during the days of Imperial China, where children would wake up on the first day of the new year to find gold coins threaded with red string under their pillows.

Later on, with the advent of paper money, the practice morphed into the current convention of giving gold coins or notes slipped into red packets, known colloquially throughout Asia as hong bao, lai see, or…

We are happy to announce that our Medium Publication Account is finally launched, we will move all of our future updates on Medium to our Publication Account, please follow us and continue to support us here! This will be where you can get the latest company updates from us.

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Singapore, 5 March 2019 — Digix, the platform that makes gold bars easily divisible and transferable using blockchain technology, has expanded its presence in the Korean market with the listing of its token, DGX, on ProBit, a leading exchange and marketplace for digital assets.

The announcement follows Digix’s recent partnership with Korea-based Blucon, a global payments platform of digital assets, which will allow individuals based in Korea to use DGX to transact on everyday purchases like food, coffee, entertainment, and transport.

Shaun Djie, Co-Founder of Digix, says: “As our first collaboration with a Korean exchange, the listing of our DGX…

  1. Digix Medium Publication Account
  2. ETA for DigixDAO Governance Platform
  3. Digix Event/Interview/Podcast
  4. Partnership with Blucon
  5. Digix storing gold in Canada
  6. Digix Twitter Chinese New Year Campaign
  7. Digix Town-hall Meeting
  8. Digix Media Release

1.Digix Medium Publication Account

We are happy to announce that our Medium Publication Account is finally launched, we will move all of our future updates on Medium to our Publication Account, please follow us and continue to support us here! This will be where you can get the latest company updates from us.

2. ETA for DigixDAO Governance Platform

In the past weeks, we have pushed new features to…

Building upon our successful partnership with SilverGoldBull (SGB), Canada’s largest precious metal retailer, we are pleased to announce that Digix is now vaulting gold bullion in Canada as well as in Singapore.

As a strategic partner of Digix since October 2018, SGB is one of Canada’s largest physical precious metals retailers and has been a long-time proponent of cryptocurrency adoption. SGB began accepting Bitcoin payments for its precious metals in 2013, far before cryptocurrency payments broke into the mainstream. …

  1. Progress on DigixDAO Governance Platform

We have deployed an instance of our DAO to the kovan testnet, together with a demo UI where you can already play around with some of the features. The features that have already been up on the Demo UI are:

  • Locking of DGDs
  • Commenting on projects, after locking in DGDs
  • Creating Projects
  • Editing or aborting your own project
  • Endorsement of a project by a moderator
  • Finalizing on a project, putting it to Draft Voting

Details about the demo testing of our DigixDAO Governance Platform can be found at our earlier post here. Feedback has been…

Demo link :


This is a basic guide to interacting with the DigixDAO platform that we have deployed onto Kovan.

Please note that this is a very rudimentary version of the platform. The objective of this demo platform is to demonstrate our vision of the UI (All codes are frozen as per the chain security audit) and to collect feedback as we work towards full interaction and deployment on the Mainnet. Most importantly, we want to show everyone that Digix’s vision of a decentralized governance platform on Ethereum is very real, and will come into reality in 2019.

Hello 2019!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish that the Year 2019 brings much happiness and good fortune to everyone!

DigixDeals and Golden Christmas Promotion:

As we aim to bring many more promotional offerings to our users in 2019, we have launched a new page called “DIGIXDEALS”. Anyone can view all our ongoing promotions here and participate in the exclusive deals that are officially announced from Digix.
We launched the “Golden Christmas” promotion in the middle of December and received several responses from our marketplace users. Our customers were able to get 2 DGX for free…

Wishing you all a Golden Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2019!

May GOLD bless you and your loved ones.

A message from our CEO Kai C. Chng

“ We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2017 was the year for cryptos. 2018 the year for Stablecoins. 2019 will be the year for asset-backed tokens like DGX.

The growing uncertainty in geopolitics and deflation of the crypto markets prime our product to gain prominence in the new year.

We look forward to exciting new releases, ie, the DigixDAO governance platform, a new and improved marketplace, and…

Digix Writer

We have moved to our publication account, please follow our updates here:

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