Is Boston’s current roster really that bad though?
Charles Tyler

Certainly; Stevens hasn’t quite his reputation yet. He’s a good coach but he’s got work to do before he’s considered great. The media loves a rising star and has piled on the hype too soon. Like I said, he hasn’t faced all of the tests yet.

I don’t think that Boston’s current roster is bad at all — in fact, I think it’s quite good — I just said that they’ve outperformed expectations. Their destiny always seemed like it was to get obliterated by Cleveland in the conference finals but nobody expected them to be a #1 seed. (Though you could certainly argue that they only managed it because Cleveland coasted in the end and you could also argue that those two losses to the Bulls aren’t great.)

If we’re picking one team from the east to play one game today we’d both pick the Cavs and if I picked someone else you’d laugh at me. However, if we’re picking an organization in the east that we think is best situated to win championships for the next decade then I would definitely pick the Celtics (although I also agree that Giannis’ star and some of their other pieces is tempting). In fact, they might be the best choice in the whole NBA depending on what happens with the cap situation in Golden State. That’s exciting, though, if you want to see what Stevens can really do. I think that very soon the Celtics’ roster will be really formidable and then we’ll see whether he has a chance to catch up to Pop and some of the other greats. It might even be next season depending on how the draft and summer trades go.

I’m a Cavs fan myself, but I’m really pulling for Stevens to be brilliant. I want as many coaches as possible in the league drawing up five-deep, scripted, half-court masterpieces. It’s beautiful and Pop isn’t going to last forever.

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