Developing Reading Fluency.

How many times have you heard a child reading aloud and it sounded like they were counting instead of reading?

It is caused by a lack of reading fluency. Reading fluency is the ability to read with sufficient ease and accuracy that one can focus attention on the meaning and message of the text and that is exactly what you need to develop in your children, so here are some really good strategies.

Here are some strategies to develop fluency in children:

Echo reading is modeled reading. An adult shows how a passage should be read taking care to show proper pronunciation and intonation. The adult reads a sentence or part of a sentence from the text and then the child follows trying to imitate the pattern shown by the adult.

Choral reading is another good way to develop reading fluency. Choral reading is a traditional strategy that has been used by teachers for years. These children will usually succeed with other reading fluency strategies mentioned in this article.

Tape assisted reading is a tried and true method of developing reading fluency. There are many books that now come with tapes so tape assisted reading shouldn’t be hard to do even if you don’t want to record yourself modeling fluency.

Peer reading is a strategy that partners a weak reader with a strong reader. The personality of the partners selected for peer reading should be taken into consideration as some people get along together better than others.

Children enjoy drama and they like it even better when they get to be the players in that drama. This activity is good for developing reading fluency and it is also fun. Acting it out is not just good for reading fluency it is good for reading comprehension.

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