How To Sleep When Your Mind Still Awake

I’m pretty sure no matter who you are, you’ve had moments where your lying in bed and can not seem to sleep. As an entrepreneur, I have this issue a lot. The common saying is “There isn’t never enough time in the day”. The fact that we all have the same amount of time in day, I strive to own my time and accomplish all if not most tasks I set forward during the day.This task has recently became a challenge as I’ve 10x my goals and daily production from previous years. Just because your ready to rest and relax doesn’t mean your brain is! Here’s a few tips I can suggest you try that have helped me settle down and finally rest.

When my mind is racing, it’s usually due to an uncompleted task, thinking of a new task, or remembering that I completely did not even attempt a task. What ever the case maybe for you, keep a notepad by your bed for notes. I’ve found through experience that once I write down what’s on my mind at that time, it does not continue to repeat in my mind and I can rest. This also helps reduce the added brain activity of trying to remember what you were thinking at night the next morning.

The pad also helps for a mental dump before bed. During this time, you just write down everything that is on your mind before bed that way nothing is before sleep. This is another trick I do especially when I had a long eventful day. Clearing your mind this way lets you get the previous events out of the way to focus on your sleep process. I would also write down the next day’s events or tasks if I hadn’t already.

Lastly, music! Music is not just to get you hype for workouts, or get you to work in your daily travels. Music can also be used to calm your soul and mind. Relaxing music or soundscapes can definitely get you to sleep! It forces you to listen to the beats or vocals which distracts you from what your thinking. For some people, music acts as meditation for them to get to sleep. I use both relaxing music and soundscapes depending on how I feel. Try it out and let me know how it worked for you.

Sleep is critical and needed for your daily production. Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise according to The National Sleep Foundation. Don’t waste time fighting yourself to sleep and get the rest you need. Hopefully one if not all works for you and let me know which have worked for you.