My 3 Simple Rules for Life

Rule #1: Don’t be an asshole.

Try to be consistent with how you live. Keep your promises. Stay open-minded. Listen more than you speak. Take responsibility for your choices and the consequences, good or bad, that come from them. Have patience with people and their occasional mistakes… you aren’t perfect either. Take care of yourself.

Rule #2: Try to leave things better than you find them.

Help people that ask for help. Be generous with the things you have, whether they are time, money, things, advice, or anything else. Strive to treat people better than they treat you, even if you don’t like them. Walk away from things if you must, especially if there is no potential for happiness or wisdom from your continued investment.

Rule #3: When in doubt, chop vegetables and think it over.

There’s something calming about doing something with your hands. The easiest way to get out of mental loops is to work on something else, and approach the problem again with new eyes. Sometimes, inaction is better than hasty action. Vegetables are good for you, cutting them is less trouble than cutting anything else, and the act of taking out your aggression on tasty things you can eat later is more rewarding than you think. Making one thing can sometimes spur you on to make or grow something else.