3 things to do to create the relationship you’ve always wanted.

Create a healthy, lasting relationship by doing these 3 things:

1) slow down



In my 35 years on this earth, I’ve experienced all different types of relationships. I’m a lover, I love love, and I’ve often searched outside of myself for a connection I thought would solve all my problems.

Guess what, that doesn’t exist. Nothing is going to solve all your problems because we didn’t come here to live without challenges. Solving those challenges is how we grow. Recognizing those challenges as ascension fertilizer is maturity.

So yeah, life is about growth. Growth towards a more evolved understanding of LOVE. Relationships are an incredible vehicle for growth when entered into consciously.

Artist: Android Jones

The most important building block of a healthy, conscious relationship is TRUST. And trust can only be developed over time.

I’ve rushed into physical and/or emotional intimacy time and time again just because I didn’t know any better. It’s an innocent thing really. We all want and deserve connection.

But, it takes time to see if you’re really compatible with someone, to see if there is ease in how you show up with each other.

To know if you make each other laugh when things get hard.

To know them beyond your projection of what you want them to be, or who they represent themselves to be in the first few months of knowing them when you’re both swimming in New Relationship Energy.

To know if you collectively have the skills and tools to support each other to heal your deepest wounds.

I’ve had some of the most expansive openings of my life through relationship (I’ve shared of those experiences in my art and in #SunriseSessionsWithDijon) and I’ve also suffered a lot, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Every relationship was beautiful in a different way and they all inspired growth and a deeper understanding of self.

You can access that same wisdom by being vulnerable, expressing your needs and desires to potential partners, and being present with how you feel in your body in their presence.

It’s self-love and energetic awareness that allows us to keep our hearts open while maintaining healthy boundaries.

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