eGaaS: Electronic Government As A Service previously named Daylight is a latest altcoin and has a mission to create an international common platfrom for the full implementation of electronic government as a service, which will free up people and businesses as a routine bureaucratic procedures. provides a tool for organizing all of the activities and exercise control over them without the circulation of documents.

The names of team Eaags

  • Oleg Stelerenko :Ceo, Blockchain Developer
  • Alexey krivonogov :Core Developer
  • Andrey Nechaev : Mobile Developer
  • Yuriy Lumakin :Frontend Developer
  • Arthur Pakomov : Science Advisor
  • Nikolay Kapranov :Lobbylist
  • Vitaly Bondar :Legal Counsel
  • Sergey Chernyshev :Science Advisor At IPE Lab
  • Nosova Anna :Public Relasion Manager
  • Aleksandr Boldachev :Advisor/Analyst
  • Ruben Pombuhchan :Advisor At IPE lab

it is a picture of the distribution, if to find out more info you can see website :

about bonus when you join egaas

Sales are divided into 5

  1. 1St day Bonus 50%
  2. 1St Week Bonus 25%
  3. 2Nd Weeek Bonus 10%
  4. 3Rd Weeks Bonus 5%
  5. 4Rd Weeks Not Bonus

Do not forget to join. see a lot of bonus awaits you. When you sign up on the first day



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