I've been seeing too much buzz about this Pulitzer Award in my newsfeed that it annoys me already. Yellow trolls making a lot of assertions after Daniel Berehulak won the award and Duterte supporters countertrolling.

As an anti-EJK myself, I do not see anything satisfactory or victorious about that journalist's award. It's his victory, not anybody else's. In fact, one can say that the journalist exploited the extra-judicial killing issue in the Philippines. That Pulitzer award won't stop the EJK, it doesn't solve the alleged EJK cases and it's basically inconsequential. So why the fuss? It doesn't make EJK right or wrong just because someone won an award for its documentary. A lot of award-winning documentaries in the past have been disputed and criticized years later.

This isn't the kind of victory an anti-EJK would rejoice. This isn't the kind of loss an EJK denialist would dread for.

This is the sole victory of Berehulak. But if you need to photograph hundreds of dead bodies in the street along with those mourners beside those corpses, interview a handful of drug suspects, risk your life and exploit the social stigma that's been around that place just to gain this highly-coveted Pulitzer award, I don't think it's a victory worth celebrating.

I find that insulting, to be honest. And it's more insulting and annoying how yellowtards glorify this award just to vex the other camp. Like, seriously?

Bisperas pa naman ng Semana Santa pero tuwang-tuwa sila na nagka-award 'yong mga imahe ng pinatay, ng mga mamamatay tao, at ng mga nagluluksa.

Pretty sure those 7000+ (otherwise disputable) victims didn't die just for someone to win that Pulitzer shit.

[April 13, 2017 | AnotherJohnDoe]