Libraries tell no lies

It was cold outside, but every snowflake was forgotten at once when you stepped inside. A warm embrace of both heat and quiet welcomed you home. You knew exactly where to sit; it was your place, your seat, your realm, right? The softened light of the lamps gave an orange glint to your surroundings. From orange to golden, there was but a short step, right?

It was night outside, but you’d stopped caring about it for a while. Sleeping in until noon, feeling wake in the middle of the night… It fit you perfectly. Don’t lions hunt by night too? But you’re a Queen and a King at the same time; no matter the time, you can bring about miracles and yet be called lazy by some. Did everyone forget the efforts it took you just to grab that crown? Do they think just surviving takes no effort? You’ve grown used to it and open another book.

All by yourself in the nocturnal library, your pen softly gliding down a piece of paper. You’re not really convinced, huh? Yet, what a beautiful sight it is. The sun shining in the middle of the night sky… A entire system gravitates around you, can’t you see? You’ve only skimmed through the chapters, yet you know so much already.

I wish I could write a thousand books. An amazing feat of paper and inspiration mixed together to narrate a tale that would never be erased. Remaining forever on those myriads of pages, countless words would carry the duty of chanting the beauty of life.

I would put them inside a library like that one and give only you the key.

Oh, so you’ve come? Stay as long as you’d like; goodnight.