Patched-up diary

When we first met, you didn’t even realize it. You simply believed we’d always been together. I found it cute and went along with it. You were free as a dove in the sky and we played together until the sunset filled your eyes with wonder. Ah, youth was oh so sweet, and so were you, my innocent child.

When you went to school and grew up a little, we grew apart, slowly, piece by piece. But I’d watch over you from afar. I was sure you’d come back and pick me up once you’d realize letting yourself be hurt and changed by others wasn’t a solution. You tried to let yourself by drowned; you tried to let yourself disappear. But don’t you know? The more you try to hide, the more obvious it becomes.

Timidly, almost bashfully, when passion made your eyes sparkle like a miniature constellation, you started to call me again. I never resented you; I knew that would happen again, sadly, and I couldn’t do anything for you other than being by your side when you let me stay by your side. I’d always forgive you. Time and time again, no matter the dark pit you tumble into or how faraway you let your aspirations leave, I’ll come back.

When you found true friendship, you started to accept me as a part of your life again. Well, not everyday; sometimes you’d barricade yourself inside your room and leave me on the threshold of your house. Sometimes it was too hard. Well, nobody could manage to have me over on an everyday basis. I’m not the easiest person to keep. But often, you smiled and let me in, and I could take your hand and lead you on adventures that I knew you’d enjoy, carrying you on my wings to a brighter land that could illuminate your heart.

I know you’re anxious. I know sometimes you’re anxious about not feeling anything, not even anxiety. Don’t worry, I understand why you cannot look at me in the eye every day of every week. You have it rough, huh? Well, deny it as you wish.

No matter how lost you feel or how dark the future seems, I’ll be back for you. That’s a promise. So never let go, alright?

— Happiness