Limiting geographic risk via agent hiring

Dilip Malave
Mar 11 · 2 min read

Whats been going on:

— We have 22 Agents in Venezuela — that's almost 26% (see charts below)

  • We only added 3 agents since December 2018 (when I took over Hiring), of them:

1 started Wednesday and 1 started Friday (last week)

— I am in sync with Bruno since Thursday — just chatted with him for a latest update:

  • “Technically we are only 2 maybe 4 high-value agents short in Projects — rest are internal, so situation is still not bad” — Bruno

— The recent spike in Agent demand from OPT, distracted me (this is my responsibility and I am accountable) from making this a priority — putting a policy in place to address this is now my highest priority.

Immediate Next Steps:

— We have a new cohort of Agents starting next week — we’ll fast tract them.

— Bruno requested 3 — Seal Team 6 level or above agents and I delivered 1 Friday and 2 more being interviewed by Bruno tomorrow AM

— I am constantly in sync with Bruno to cut through for any urgent issues

— Bruno requested, maybe Corey or Skyler hand-hold some new agents for a couple of days so they are up and running — If Karla and Aniris can’t

Next 1–2 weeks:

— I will have a process/system documented that will address the following:

ranks every country that we currently have agents in by various geographic risk factors.

set a % of workforce limit for each country

build a system to monitor the workforce so we don’t hit these limits

have a plan for what to do if we do hit these limits…

— Kenya and Philippines maybe swaying towards the danger zone next — we’ll keep a close watch and if required move some to our new “Reserve Pool”

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