How to be more patient in daily life

We all have a tendency to address others problems by asking them to be patient in order to achieve the desired results. However when faced with the same dilemma we don’t want to leave any stone unturned to fulfill our insatiable need for results.

It’s not easy being patient in life as many of the adversities are external not internal. We start worrying about how we could have done this, changed that and start to be more anxious.

There is no other secret in being patient other than the word itself. Our minds focus way too much on the external results to understand the meaning of the word itself.

Keeping up with a good attitude and delivering the best performances are not easy when we are in a region of failures. Every successful person when asked about their work has always said these words “ I would still keep on doing it forever even if i Fail.”

When we hear these words we may feel that it’s their courage or determination that keeps them going, but behind the scenes it’s all about how patient they are.

The same words were said by a villager who had a gigantic task of breaking a mountain down. Yes, Breaking a Mountain. He chose to do that because his wife had died on the way to a hospital in the city as waterways were the only means of transport and was a longer route. The shortest route was behind a mountain, a MOUNTAIN.

The man took his tools and went to work, everyday he would try to break as much as possible. He did this for more than 40 years and was finally able to break the mountain.

This is the best example of patience. Unlike Successful Entrepreneurs he had nobody else to help him, nobody. He simply understood how much it’s worth for him and everyone around him.

The problem with us is our biggest need for instant gratification. It’s not wrong to do that but what if we had a way to tweak it as well. When I was preparing for entrance exams I wanted to watch movies all the time. I was studying not because I wanted a good grade in the exam, but I wanted to see the movie. I could’ve seen it a day before the exam as well, but hey what’s the fun in that. It’s the small obstacles in life when overcome make life worth it.

So coming back to big goals we feel that the obstacles are large and quit before starting itself. We might not have any support and there might be other important priorities to attend to.

We all know this yet it comes back to the same point. To be more patient start delaying the small results in life. The difference will also be small but it will help you learn a lesson very big.

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