Is India a secular state?

India can be seen as one of the largest democracy in the world.However, deep inside the minds of Indians there exist lot of insecurities and one of them is Discrimination.

Reservation has changed completely in the present scenario as many believe that it is not focusing on the economically weak anymore. It has been already observed that some Scheduled Castes are already misusing this criteria to fit their needs. Reservation in terms of Religion is also seen in some state and national policies, but is it still needed?

Yes India is a secular state when seen on the basis of religion, but right now since the NDA government is in power with BJP as it’s head it is observed that a sense of Hindutva is seen engulfing the Government. BJP is always about Hindutva and so has been RSS. The Government officials say that this fact should never bother an individual as it the view of the Party only but not the Government.

There have always been petty and massive fights over the choice of religion. Even till date some see Muslims as terrorists which feels completely ridiculous.The riots in Gujarat in 2001 were considered as the biggest defeat for Humanity in India as it was caused due to religious upheaval.

Recent movies have shown that the society sees everyone to have a religion and i believe that this is somewhat true. As Aamir khan says in P.K ‘Dhabba Kahan Hai?’ it is always seen in masses that people do care about religion.This should be the choice of an Individual rather than just adopting the parents religion.

This discrimination is mostly observed in older generations while the current generation seems not to care too much as they are always busy with social media. The society in India has always looked forward to discrimination. Yesterday it was about caste and religion, today it is about the job or money we have, tomorrow it will be about the person we marry.

However the culture and traditions are being modified daily to accommodate flexibility and maybe in few years we might really see a secular India from inside.