AUGUST 4 2016. These Freaking Sunny Days.

Day without coffee urghhhhh, Never Mind I survived.

Placement thing is about to start,

Though there are two emotions of me i want to share.

  1. Scared
  2. Happy

Scared of my previous log with studies i gave Carry over exam for my back log of 2 papers but result hasn’t came yet so the placement paper will be filled with me having 2 back papers.

Happy i can do this its hard i know but this is what i wanted to be hard and paying enough.

I dont know i just want to give it a chance.

I am going to ride such a freaking dizzy roller coster.

I am ready.

I am glad i am alive.

I am glad of what i have.

I am glad of support i have.

I am glad for the work i am doing.

Lol finally Registration part 50% done.

Soon will get books for the final year.

For my project i have amazing idea lets see.

Everything is going excellent.

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