Ad-Venturing and Rolling With The Punches.

Dilosen Naicker
May 21, 2016 · 2 min read

I’m a strategist- I enjoy identifying, conceptualising and understanding various strategic paths. Everything is a choice and there’s always an option to choose for your next move.

Recently, I have been focusing more on spontaneous adventuring — in business and in life, which breeds anxiety in the moment. The unknown is exciting and fearful, but my realisation is that you simply have to jump into the deep end and roll with the punches.

It’s the shortest learning curve. Swim or die.

Tactically the stance I seem to be taking is one of neutrality — which has it’s pro’s and cons. You might think that this is a odd stance to take in any situation, however my understanding of this is to not be overly excited or scared, but to strike a clear, conscious balance between the aggressive and passive stances. This allows me, in the moment, to re-strategise and roll-out in smaller, uninhabited ways.

Roll with the punches.

Strategy is two-fold. Large and small which in itself has macro and micro levels. As strategists, we seem to rank these in accordance to our own relevance and mindsets. Each move or path should assist or redefine the current objectives but also add to the equity of the overall strategy through similarity in choice. Roll with punches in small scale, re-strategise and counter punch. It happens in moments and not with a large campaign projections.

The digital landscape is the best medium for these smaller movements. Facebook Ad’s, Google Re-marketing Ads and Twitter advance search really help in moving the strategy in small, meaningful ways. At scale, this can be done as well— but ground work in beta testing and prototyping is key to mapping larger scale executions.

This is a reason why a neutral stance is best observed — so that outcomes are not hampered by aggressive expectations and fears are not prevalent in budget losses. This is a big fear for many businesses with a lack of ROI, what could possibly justify the cost?

Small alms, big rewards.

Budget spending on testing, prototyping, audience engagements and micro-content can be costly. Small ad-spending on a larger set of dimensions creates more insights and similarities. Spend amounts on many options but maximise the outcome through well crafted tactics. Rushing in the army is a fools way of losing quickly. There are many variables, so define them and attack.

Simply, execute on smaller tests. Counter and then execute again. This method shapes a campaign, builds better foundations within communities, creates defined insights and offers marketers the right message at the right time, in real time.

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