Welcome to Durban Parkour and Freerunning.

Dilosen Naicker
May 8, 2016 · 4 min read

First off, welcome to the world of Parkour and Freerunning. We’re glad you’re joining the movement.

Parkour is a discipline that developed in Lisse in the South of France by David Belle and the Yamakasi Crew. A few months later, Sebastian Foucan decided to ‘break-away’ from the disciplined movement to create Freerunning. Both are closely linked and have the same roots in human movement.

The objective of Parkour is to move from point A to point B through any environment, with the use of the human body in the straightest, most efficient way possible, overcoming any obstacles in your way. The objective of Freerunning is to still move from point A to point B, but in your own expressive way — without following ‘the rules’.

The basics:

Parkour and Freerunning (PK/FR) does not require extra equipment or special gear. Simple running shoes can work however many people around the world train barefoot.

You can choose to train barefoot but it is suggested that beginners use shoes, ultimately building up impact resistance over time and practice.

What to look out for in a shoe:

Keep it simple, “the fancier the shoes — the weaker the feet.”

  • Find a shoe with a single sole.
  • Not tight — find shoes that will give your feet some room, but not too much. Due to the various pressures and stresses, you want a flexible shoe that’s going to allow your foot to bend and turn accordingly.

Our Basic Tee’s are available on sale. Please inbox us to order yours.

Mind, body and soul.

PK/FR challenges the mind and body and requires focus and dedication. A weak mind but strong body will be a big hamper to your progress. Likewise, a weak body won’t enable you to effectively move through an environment in seamless motion.

PK/FR can also be seen as a spiritual process. We do not encourage competition, however the competition lies within your own self. There is a lot of philosophy behind the PK/FR, a good starting point is this video.

Each individual moves differently and has their own expression and the process of PK/FR is a personal relationship between your mind, body and soul. There can be no judgement or competitive nature.

Practice, practice, practice.

Train whenever and wherever you can. As a practitioner, when you come to a realisation of your bodies capabilities and your own mental fortitude, you will realise the power and control you have in many different environments.

This can only grow through consistent practice. Do not be afraid of falling.

Each failure is a progression towards learning how to control your mind and your body.


Technique is key. Great technique protects your body from the physicality of PK/FR. Poor landings can affect joints and break bones, whilst well-practiced techniques enable you to effectively manage the momentum you create through your movements without any strain your body.

There are various movements in PK/FR. Parkour focuses on disciplined movement through an environment based on a set of predetermined movements by the early practitioners. Freerunning on the other hand, ‘frees’ the practitioner to be more expressive in their movements, add their own style and flair, such as flips and twists.

Both are unique; one disciplined and one free. The choice is yours.

How to start your movement.

Start moving in creative ways. Stop thinking traditionally about walking up stairs or standing on escalators. Find ways to move your body. Remember each time you do, you are evolving your movement and adapting your mind and body to the environment.

Train within your limits.

It’s fun being able to move with confidence. However, be sure to be self-aware of your limits, both physically and mentally. PK/FR is a dangerous discipline and many of the environments that we train in contains metal, stones, rocks, concrete, asphalt and all sorts of other dangers. There are also larger drops and heights. Train smart and train safe- or you won’t be able to at all!

Learn from others.

PK/FR spread across the world through a growing community of passionate practitioners. PK/FR is a global community of traceurs and traceuse who teach one another their own lessons of practical movements. Techniques of other practitioners may help you develop your own movement and skills, so always be willing to learn. Watch videos, read articles and broaden your scope of human movement — we assure you, adapting any skill or movement to your PK/FR journey will be beneficial.

Getting Started

To get started, follow our Facebook page.

Here we will update the latest training times, days and venues. We train all over Durban, so be sure to keep up to date with our movements around the city.

If you are still unsure or would like further information you can contact us here.

Please also visit www.parkour.co.za to find other teams around South Africa. Durban Parkour is a PKSA recognised group and is managed and run by Dilosen Naicker (@dilonaicker)

Dilosen Naicker

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Provisionally I, practically alive!

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