Why should you attend ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing conference?

Tapia Conference is no stranger for a ACM (Association for Computer Machinery) member. This year the conference themed “ Diversity Matters!” and I did not know “how” and “why” it will matter until I really experience it. In this article I am explaining how amazing it is to be a Richard Tapia Diversity Conference.

First of all, I am really glad my poster to the conference was accepted with the scholarship covering my expenses. Otherwise the chances are in micro numbers for a student to attend from a developing continent and if you are not living in USA.

Tapia conference 2016

The goal of the Tapia Conferences is to bring together undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, researchers, and professionals in computing from all backgrounds and ethnicities to:

  • Celebrate the diversity that exists in computing;
  • Connect with others with common backgrounds, ethnicities, disabilities, and gender so as to create communities that extend beyond the conference;
  • Obtain advice from and make contacts with computing leaders in academia and industry;
  • Be inspired by great presentations and conversations with leaders with common backgrounds.

The facts that made me amazed by the conference :-

  1. For 5 days about 1200+ Diverse crowd interested in Computer Science lived together in the hotel interacting with each other and everyone was so keen to meet new people/ talk to new /make connection / enjoy/ laugh at common things, more over it was not hard to reach anyone as everyone was at same level of interest to talk to new.

2. The career fair with industry giants like Google, DropBox, FaceBook, Bloomberg, SAP, Lyft and many more was so productive as everyone had more time and space to interact with all the delegates. The sways were wonderful that I have not seen many stuff in other conferences.

Specially the Resume Clinic which you get the individual feedback for the resumes you have.

Facebook giving feedback on resumes
Microsoft in giving feedback on the resumes

3. Amazing presentations specially the presentation with Daniel Sonnenfeld Technical Program Management Director, Salesforce and Joseph Teran Professor of Applied Mathematics at UCLA were my personal preferences. Mainly because Daniel, although he was deaf, It was such a wonderful inspiring talk with real examples. It was the day I got to know if you follow your passion your can reach horizon. Next, I never knew scientific mathematical concepts can be this interesting when you explain with real applications. As the speaker had many examples, it was such exciting to see the real implications.

4. The real network you create, I even met people with mutual friends. Everyone was so interested in learning new things and collaborate in research and any work. Specially not gender bias too ;)

5. Amazing network with Universities. It was really interesting to talk to universities about the research they were practicing such as from MIT, Stanford, Cornell, Texas University, Carnegie Mellon University etc. and more interestingly it was great to know what fields and work forces they were targeting.

With all that, I would really invite anyone to be at Tapia Conference as it is really amazing to meet and talk to Prof Tapia himself.

A picture of me with Prof Richard Tapia at the ACM Tapia conference 2016 -Austin USA

You can see more pictures from my FB page, I look forward to meet new people in the next conference.

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