Are u bored ? Need an escape from typical daily routine ?

Hi there,

Today I will not be writing any technical articles based on my field. Instead wanted to write about best things I have adopted in up & downs faced lately in my life.

I was bored.

My mind was tired of my daily routine of going to office, working, lunch, meetings, coming back home, dinner & sleep. After few days, it even whisper the next event on my schedule and predicted what was going to happen in next few minutes. Most of the times prediction was accurate and I was bored that much.

I tried going for shopping without having any specific thing to buy. Don’t worry! It doesn’t matter what is the crisis i’m involved in, always I have something to buy. But that was temporary happiness. I was so excited & happy while shopping and once back in home, its’ just gone!

Lately I was going through my photo gallery and found out some of amazing memories I have. Then I tried to figure out the ways I can be more excited about my day and work. So here I have listed down the ideas/things I have done to getting out of boredom. Comments are always welcome to grow my list & find out new exciting ways :)

  1. Try out activities out of comfort zone

May sounds like crazy for some people. First impression of this point can be already depressed you. I was in the same boat. But trust me, u will amazed with the excitement you get once overcome your fears. And the confidence you gain through it.

Here I list down few of activities I have done. It totally depend on your own own preferences and your own limits need to crush.

  • Kayaking

I wasn’t a good swimmer and was afraid of Kayaking since a child. Got a chance to force my self on this as an office event. I choose back seat on the boat as first mistake and it was too tiring right after 10 mins.

Obviously we finished off as the last team and still it was fun :D

  • Painting Tshirts

Actually I am terrible at drawing/painting. But I found out that I can be more creative with simple designs which can be easily draw. Lucky to get so many compliments and found out new side on me as well.

  • Watching horror movies

This experience was purely mistake in the first place. I wasn’t thinking about the movie or content as it was team outing. Right after 10 mins of the movie, I was getting feeling like this is not my type movie. But I was forced to watch it as I couldn’t leave in the middle. I still remember some of my colleagues screaming while some others making funny noises for scary moments. At the end of the day, it was funny torture and I check out first horror movie I have ever watched until the end. Still love the memory!

2. Put down all your devices & find some quality time alone with yourself

With technology, we used to bond with devices rather than human beings. Daily office work will be mostly with laptops and thousand variations of electronic screens while free time goes for phone.

Find some specific time to get away from all those devices. I choose few days to get away from phone and it made lot of burden to push aside. Of course! u may have to make sure that your loved ones know ur plans! Otherwise u will end up with thousand calls & angry/worried texts ;)

First you can start with one or two hours. Later you can extend more and find out so many things you can do without electronic devices.

Within this time, I used to think about my life. Make plans for next few days. Find out new hobbies for me etc.

3. Doing work outs

I was so lazy on doing work outs. Only focussed on diet and prayed for miracles. But with the inspiration of my loved ones, I started doing workouts for 30 mins everyday! That was one of the best thing adopted in Covid-19 period.

Doing work outs are not just for body, but also for mind. Once your body is active, it also helps to stimulate your mind as well. I have personally experienced how my mind get calmed & energetic after workouts.

Once Im exhausted with stress/decisions, push my self for doing small workouts/jogging to clear my mind first. It works for me :) All the time!

4. Travelling

Travelling is a best therapy if u are in to that. I mostly prefer alone places rather than crowded areas. So I will be picky once it comes to choosing places for travel. Spending two or three days in a calm & quiet place fuel me for next few months to run.

It doesn’t need to be long vacation or something. Just go somewhere close to you if you are struggling with time for allocating travel. Just breath and spend some quality time there! I found it useful for me :)

5. Make time with your loved ones

Once you are busy with your life, you may not have enough time to allocate for your family, friends or cousins. It may feel like its’ hard to manage all those relationships along with busy life. It only need effort. If you really need to find some time off the table, you can actually do that.

Find a time to connect with your school/university colleagues or cousins and check out how their life goes on. It doesn’t have to be a call/text in need of help. But it will help you to remind your old funny memories together and have interesting conversations with people you adored within your life.

6. Small things matters

You may don’t have to waste lot of money to find your excitement & happiness. It always start with small thing. It may be just away from one phone call, writing a blog, working in an amazing craft in your mind, cooking a new recipe or anything you can come up with.

Just try to spice your day with small things. While I commute in bus, used to meet nice bus captain who greet and wish every one in the morning while get in. And also while get off, she used to wave and wish for the day. That was enough for me to start the day with a pleasant smile!

Im bit nervous on writing life experiences in blog as those never will be direct Q&A or applicable for everyone like technical stuff I used to write. I totally understand and believe that everyone has their own and unique journey. But I used to grab so many interesting advises & motivation through videos, blogs and books which people have shared with their experiences. Hope this will be a blessing for someone seek for the motivation!

Stay happy & safe :)

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