[IBM MQ] Create a topic using IBM MQ

Hi all,
 I am configuring integration scenario of IBM MQ with WSO2 ESB. In particular scenario, used IBM MQ and ESB 5.0.0 in the windows environment (Oracle JDK 1.8).
 If you need to understand the installation mechanism from the first step, you can follow this blog post.
 Assumption: You have configured ESB with IBM MQ for Queues.
 Let’s begin creating a topic in IBM MQ.
 1. Open IBM MQ UI (Websphere Installation1 window) through administrative mode.
 How to do that ?

  • Go to window start button and search for Websphere
  • Right click on icon and click on “Run as Administrator”

2. Create a Topic under Queue Manger

3. Add Destination

Note: Give the “Topic string” (Which was defined when creating the Topic) as the Topic in next window. (Refer next screen shot)

4. Create Topic Connection Factory if you don’t specify previous connection factories as Topic Connection Factory/ Connection Factory (General term for both topics and queues)

You are done with Topic Configuration. When you are going to subscribe to Topic from external clients (Ex: ESB) you can see those subscriptions through “Subscription panel”

Happy Coding … :)

Originally published at dilshanilive.blogspot.com on August 23, 2016.