Simple Mock Service Via SOAP UI

Dilshani Subasinghe
Oct 6, 2016 · 2 min read

When you are going to make sample mock service with required response, it may be having some limitations.

For example: I required to have long response with several tags and it was not supported by which was one of my favorite mock services site. So I choose SOAP UI.

How to make a simple mock service via SOAP UI

  1. Go to SOAP UI
  2. Navigate to new SOAP/REST mock service

Project → New SOAP mock service

3. Give the name for mock service and it will be automatically create the service on the left side panel of the SOAP UI

4. When click on the name of mock service, it will open the service window. Through that you can

  • Start, stop service
  • Change path/port of service (Click on set options for this mock service)
  • You can write start, stop, On request and after request scripts. Through that you can customize your mock service.
  • For my requirement, I just wanted to generate a response as I defined. So I added new mock service operation.

Right click on the name and select New MockOperation from the drop down list. You can select SOAP 11 or SOAP 12

Then add the response you want to create.

You done with simple mock service and just run the mock service via main window.

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