WSO2 Data Services Server : Tips

Dilshani Subasinghe
Feb 3, 2017 · 1 min read
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As a new user of WSO2 Data Services Server, I learned some important points that is useful when you are playing with data services.

  • When you are going to map inputs for query with parameters (Ex: parameter), you have to have space before that and space after that one.


where EmploymentType = :EmploymentType and

  • You can only use only one query while adding query to Data Service. You may add semicolon for parameters within the query and it will be identify as a separate query by DSS.

Ex: Dont use as follows:

SET @RequiredDatedate:= :RequiredDatedate ; SELECT SUM(CASE WHEN (DATEDIFF(@RequiredDatedate,StartDate)

Note: If u are going to set parameters like above, you can replace exact places with parameter values. And remember to have spaces as mentioned in first bullet.

SELECT SUM(CASE WHEN (DATEDIFF( :RequiredDatedate ,StartDate)

  • Do not keep unnecessary spaces within query. Try to minimize each and every unnecessary spaces.

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