No Trump

TL;DR: If I could vote this US elections cycle, I’d vote for Hillary. Because I believe Trump would be a disaster. And even a tiny risk of this disaster coming true is unacceptable.

* * *

You might convince me his strategy would make it easier to set up and operate businesses — and, of course, as someone who thinks minimum wage, unions, and labor law must be abolished altogether as soon as possible, I may well agree.

You might convince me his means would do well for an average American — and, of course, convoluted laws, political correctness, and the emerging culture of microaggressions are despicable for me to even think of.

You might convince me Trump is not as arrogant and dismissive as he portrays himself — and, compared to the other side and looking at actions instead of words, this statement, too, may be a plausible one.

* * *

But we absolutely can not afford the state of the art where the well-established political machine of the United States opens up a huge, exploitable, breach we all can see now. This breach is the very fact that an uneducated, emotions-hungry and facts-blind, unintelligent, angry electorate can suddenly be of importance when it comes to the biggest recurring decision made by the United States on the surface of this planet — the choice of the next President. The breach that, if proven effective, will be used and abused way, way broader by pretty much any powerful institution of the world unless the US broadcasts a very unambiguous signal.

And this signal should be: “We evaluated the severity of the risk, concluded it’s damn too scary, and have successfully mitigated it once and for all.”

* * *

Sure, there are some highly sophisticated individuals who consciously pick Trump for their own reasons. And sure, there are less rational voters out there who choose Hillary. However, effectively, favoring Trump over Hillary is the shortest one-question intelligence test for anyone in the US. And, as of today, the scholar of the US nation has a non-negligible risk of failing this test.

This world has seen witchcraft, heretics, and people murdered in quantities in the name of the above. This world has seen organized religion, the opposite of freedom, when a few powerful dare to prescribe ordinary citizens a severely constrained way of life. This world has seen nationalism and xenophobia. This world has seen tyranny. This world has seen homophobia. This world has seen the idea of political correctness where offense is assumed to be given, not taken, and the “offender” is the one who’s blamed for others’ lack of emotional stability.

And this world has seen barbarianism trumping intelligence on a few sad occasions.

Awful news are, everything listed above is still somewhat present in certain far and not-too-far corners of our cozy planet. Excellent news are, all those terrible phenomena are vanishing for good, unless something really bad happens.

* * *

This bad would be the very idea that unintelligent crowds in volumes are given the capacity to move the needle.

And if you are in doubt what’s happening now can seriously become the triumph of barbarianism over rationality, read the transcripts of the debates. Don’t watch them; much like mine, your brain is likely imperfect, and thus susceptible to exploits such as charisma, or masculinity, or alpha-ness. Just read. And look into whether the questions raised are answered to an even remotely satisfactory degree.

Because most often they are not. The audience still cheers, and it’s terrifying. But the answers are not there. And the setup of debates and elections we have in place as of today is still a popularity contest, not a weighted, balanced, rational decision-making process.

To me, trusting Trump to run the country would be as stupid as executing someone claiming they are responsible for loss of crops by engaging in an intercourse with the Satan himself. Or as stupid as arguing the Earth is flat. Or a stupid as claiming a supernatural being has created our species 10'000 years ago in our present state. And yes, I am aware as many as 42% of Americans are willing to believe the latter — which is what makes the remote possibility of a barbaric takeover f*cking scary.

And we have no choice but to divert this menace.

I respect Mr. Trump for being blunt and straightforward on many issues that absolutely have to be raised. Probably on more than half of them I think his canonically unbalanced point of view is in fact better than the alternatives offered by the competing side.

If what he accomplishes is people thinking about those matters, and the actual politicians taking those subjects seriously, it’d be a huge win for our society, and our civilization as the whole.

But risking disrupting the sustainability of the entire planet just to prove the point American democracy is indeed “the rule of citizens”, which does let random people in quantities decide what’s best for the rest almost seven billion people, is absurd beyond comprehension. Sure, the government machine of the United States won’t let Trump implement his measures even if elected.

But the message the squeaking of this machine’s wheels would be making in the meantime is the absolute worst message America can possibly be sending to the rest of the world.

* * *

As a big believer of substance over form, and as a big believer in long and prosperous future of our dear civilization, I suggest we get over this lunacy of 2016 and move on.