Fear Definitions

But, what is fear?

Is it a moment of weakness? an interrupted state of your peaceful mind, a bitter taste of reality, a few seconds of awkwardness, vulnerability? or is it a rush of adrenaline that we just did not ask for.

Some of us think of it as a hidden snake underneath our clothes. The hissing in our ears reminding us that we are simply just a tiny mote of dust opposing this giant and scary universe.

But, what is fear?

Is it good? Is it bad?

Is it a complete state of surrender to something that is truly stronger and larger than us?

Is it a chip in our brain that was engineered and designed for the purpose of leveraging our focus to do something extraordinary or miraculous?

Is it an experience of a temporal dislocation between the past, the present, and the future as David Lenson said?

Anxiety, fear, shame, apprehension, terror, depression — however you name it, no one willingly signs up for painful or unwelcome emotion. But we can’t always avoid these feelings. Fear lives inside of us for a reason and the more we look at it from a different perspective, with some curiosity and patience, the more we learn to harvest the wisdom and the growth that results because of it.

So what is fear?

Fear is the unknown

It’s the missing parts of our stories. The “Phew!” we do when we turn our backs. The dreams that we never share. The idea that we are “never enough”. The past that we hold on to and the future that we don’t really look forward to.

Fear is everywhere

The air, The sky, the earthquakes, the first day of college, the boss, the house mortgage, the lack of focus, the webcam, the family that never accepted us for who we are, marriage, politics, and the FOMO.

Fear is physical

It gives you chills, like waves of pleasure running all over your skin, or a frisson that awakens your mind to a new experience that turns you into a child.

Fear is a choice

If you choose to make it your enemy: You’re selecting a path of a long, cynical, suspicious, and frustrating experiences. It will force you to live on the surface of life, instead of it’s heart.

If you decide to make it your friend, you are allowing it to unlock your potential, hold your hand and push you harder to fight and resist. No matter what life throws at you. You’re the one who will be putting the dots together and making the decisions to smile, to live in an optimistic loop, and to reinvent yourself.

“Fear is the dizziness of freedom.”

While I was on a lengthy path of self-discovery, I realized that I was not in control of my own life. Something else was. I spent the last couple of years worrying about the future, planning every step I take, fearing failure, and thinking that I was not good enough, smart enough, healthy enough, or even skinny enough. I just could not live in the moment and be the person who I’ve always wanted to be. It was was torture.

But those “fear” definitions cleansed the doors of my perception. I became flooded by possibilities and opportunities. I, now understand, can identify and release any suspicious thoughts about my past or about my future, without having to think that there is something wrong with me.

Humans like certainties, but they tend to forget that the future doesn’t come with a GPS coordinates. Planning your life is not the same as planning a trip to Paris, taking the train to Toronto, or biking to work. Destiny has it’s own plans, and no matter how many to-do lists, schedules, business plans, and Google sheets we create, we are going to take that one single path that the universe drew for us eventually.

There are no slips or failures; But there are fears. There is a long path ahead of my dreams. There is love, and there is hate. Some people will like me, and some won’t stand the idea of me. There are tornadoes, storms, volcanoes, and bad news. And when the sh** hits the fan, all I need to do is chill, and try again.

I leverage fear in order to accomplish the things I thought I couldn’t. Fear does not f**k up with my inner peace anymore, and I now have the absolute control over my ‘fight or flight’ mode”.

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