San Francisco — Day 7

Weapons of Mass Distribution Day!

500 Startups is a famous accelerator in the Bay Area. Their concept is clear: in order to statistically have a decent risk/return profile in a venture portfolio, you need at least 500 startups in that portfolio. 500 Startups has run numerous startup programs over the past years, and its ‘guru’ Dave McClure is a well know personality in the Valley.

Today, 500 Startups organized a conference focused on growth marketing. We heard some really interesting talks about various different ways of getting your company or product into the desired growth mode: viral video content, targeted emailing, using Pinterest, direct mailing, …

At the end of the day, Nir Eyal gave an inspiring keynote on his famous Hook Model for creating habit forming products.

I was kind of glad when that final keynote was over. 4 days of nonstop information really kicks in. There only so much information the brain can handle. The number of great presentations, talks and panel discussions we were able to attend over the past few days is simply amazing (sorry, I am really blending in here). It will require some digesting, synthesizing and summarizing. However, I am 100% sure we are going to apply a ton of things we have learned at our company, starting next week!

I will write a blogpost about this later on.

However, we do not have to wait until next week to put the theory into practice. This evening, we started the TechStars Startup Weekend. We are putting the Lean Startup Methodology at work using a real problem: running experiments, getting validating learning and going through the build-measure-learn feedback loop.

Tonight, we chose different tracks and started working on our first MVP.

More on that tomorrow!

Feedback on the blog is always appreciated. 3 more days to come so let me know if there’s a specific topic you want to know more about!