A New Value Paradigm for Creatives

A mobile screenshot from my talk in VR about New Value Paradigms for Digital Artists @ Rare Effect

Our Journey in Arts 3.0

In the past months the Keyko Dōjō has been merging forces with local and global creative and arts communities in Lisbon, veteran web3 development houses and underground event organizers to form Art Progression Now (APN). Our mission: to show artists, collectors, builders and investors that “creativity is a basic human right” which demands a new value paradigm.

In this post, I will briefly describe our mission, coined “Arts 3.0”…

This blogpost expands on the technical architecture of Ocean Protocol. Specifically we’ll deep dive into Service Execution Agreements (SEAs). SEAs glue together services providers, consumers and verifiers in the Ocean Protocol Network.

Ready to conquer the SEAs… [credits: Kwinten Crauwels]

In our previous posts [1, 2], we referenced why it became clear that Service Level Agreements or SLAs pretty much hold together the world as we know it. Entire physical and digital service supply chains are being glued together by contractual bindings to mitigate counterparty risk, enforce availability, reliability and uptime.

Can you provide an example?

30+ leaders are bringing their capabilities and expertise to help launch a Data Economy around Ocean

Sebastian’s dedication to cryptography extends beyond his work and into his everyday life — he has a genuine pet doge — and we admire his quickness…

This post outlines the main concepts in the Ocean Protocol design. We flesh out many higher level concepts described in the Ocean whitepaper; and introduces the idea of curation to problem tribes (groups of people solving a specific problem). Also, we lay out the different layers of the protocol stack and discuss some of the major components and capabilities.

Release the Kraken! [credits: Kwinten Crauwels]


At the current pace of digitization, we see the emergence of vast, expansive platforms that capture gargantuan amounts of data and efficiently extract intelligence from them. Users are farmed for behavioral data by platforms which maximise for data ownership. They then…

co-authored by Gautam Dhameja, Tom Debus and Günsu Pancar.
direct or indirect intellectual input by Trent McConaghy, Tim Daubenschütz, Don Gossen, Jernej Pregelj, Rhys Lindmark, Jake Vartanian, Luke Duncan, Mike Goldin and Simon de la Rouviere.

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Humans have the tendency of being egocentric. Personal gains are more tempting than doing something for the common good. It’s our will to survive and thrive and it’s easy to forget that collaboration probably leads to more sustainable solutions. But not all is lost… I hope…

Dimitri De Jonghe

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