Audacity Fun

The video that is shown above is the sound file I made with Audacity and the video was made by wevideo. Audacity is a free open source, cross platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing (Source).


I have personally always looked at audio editing and video editing as a nightmare, because many programs are different in their layout and it information overload. But with audacity I created this track in a mere 15 minutes. It was VERY easy to get a hang of it and navigate around. I have absolutely no back round in any video/audio editing and I completed this fairly easily. The only outside sources I used was a picture of a piano and its corresponding frequencies, because I didn’t want to figure out which tones worked through trial and error which would have ended up in a cacophonous symphony.

So the process of creating this song was simple. I clicked on the generate tab which then had the option to generate a “ Tone” and then a window popped up which looked like what is depicted below. The frequency of the the tone is the sound (high or low) which it makes, the higher in frequency the higher the tone and the lower the frequency the lower it goes.

So I manually had to insert the different frequency tones for the song Hot Cross Buns. Hot Cross Buns has forever been ingrained, branded, implanted in my head. How could I ever forget the notes to the song: B A G B A G G G G G A A A A B A G. All I did was insert the frequencies manually for each not and then I had one full portion. I then just copy and pasted it a few times and each time adding a new effect onto it, which was very easy. All you you have to do is hit the effect and a drop down menu comes with a long list of effects which you then can manipulate yourself. The only hard part of this module was making it into a video… Which itself was pretty easy, I have downloaded Lightworks before to make one video in my life and it was horrible to the uninitiated, ie myself. The interface of LightWorks is depicted below.

To a first time video editor this is a daunting task…. Mind you I bet its great at editing videos if you have a back round in it which I didn’t. Wevideo on the other hand was super simplified. It was all drag and drop which I loved and it was browser based which was super helpful.

MY image of my edit of Hot Cross Buns

All in all this module was very fun. I got to dip my toes into the editing and video editing world and I finally learned what the hell a wah wah effect does to sound after hearing it my whole life I always pretended to know what it was.

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