Tarantool DBMS Integrates into Informatica, the Data Analytics Platform

Mail.Ru Group in cooperation with DIS Group, a master distributor for Informatica (the leader in the global data management systems market), introduced native integration of Informatica with Tarantool database management system. The combination of Informatica and Tarantool offers the most efficient solution for creating the operational layer of in-memory data storage and processing in the corporate landscape.

The integration enables remarkably speeding up data provision for crucial business systems in a number of scenarios, including data transformation and transfer between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software developed by SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and data storage systems, including HP Vertica, Teradata, and Exadata. As a result, end users can receive the most current information on different systems and business processes, and thus, quickly make efficient management decisions.

The integration was carried out by DIS Group.

“The synergy of Informatica and Tarantool allows speeding up analysis in a whole range of cases, such as calculating customer analytics, building customized context-sensitive offers in real time, providing OLAP and management reporting for the Central Bank of Russia and other regulatory authorities. The integrated solution will boost decision making, development, transparency, simplicity and the convenience of further support,” Maxim Semirenko, Sales Manager for Informatica solutions in DIS Group, said.

“Being a transactional DMBS, Tarantool was traditionally used in telecommunication and financial industries. The integration with Informatica has opened up new horizons: our DMBS has become an integral part of the solution offering data analytics, which is essential for all economic sectors — from the oil and gas and energy sectors, heavy and manufacturing industries to agriculture, retail and transport,” Dennis Anikin, Engineering Director of Email & Cloud Services at Mail.Ru Group, said.