Hi. How are you?


Who doesn’t love a good emoji. A personal favourite 💁🏼. So much sass in one little picture. ha ha. I actually them. emoji emoji emoji.

To kick start this new blog, I wanted to play a little game of ‘guess what I am saying’ … so… let’s get started with something easy.

✌🏼🐝with ☝🏼

‘Peace. Be. with. You.’ — did you guess it correct? If not, well.. you need to work on your emoji skills.

ok. next up.

let’s 🏃🏻 to the ⏭ 🚊 otherwise 👯 will miss the 🔚 of 😃 🕓. 🍹🍸🍷

‘Let’s run to the next train otherwise we will miss the end of happy hour. drink drank drunk’

I feel like we are warming up here. I like it… alrighty, last one. I am going for the big one.

👁 ❤️ 📚. Everyday 👁 📚 to 🔓 something new in this 🌏. This is a 📝 explaining how 👁 uses technology 2️⃣ 🗣 with 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👫👬 and how 👁 became a 💎 🗣using 📧🔊📸📲⌚️🖥💻.

I love learning. Everday I learn to unlock something new in this world. This is a blog explaining how I use technology to communicate with family, friends, peers and how I became a diamond communicator using email, camera’s, phone’s, watche’s and laptops.

‘Without a doubt in my mind’ — thanks Shrek, that line with never be the same…. ohhhhhh — ‘I’m in love’ with changes in technology and how it has impacted the way humans communicate today. Aren’t emojis just great. A new fun way of communicating with those around us.

ha. Don’t you love when your speaking to someone more mature and they bring up that classic line of ‘back in my day’… well yes. go on. Communicating through ‘technology’ really didn’t exist. Actually having to sit down to write a letter or having to walk to the closest telephone box to call someone up. HELL NO. not in my world. Changes in technology have allowed for quick, direct and instant communication wherever and whenever.

I, Dimity Edwards, would struggle… really badly if I wasn’t able to be instantly reply to a email, text or facebook message. This is probably a very good reason why I get that ‘you have used 50% of your data’ text.. and it’s only the 12th of the month… opps.. But the question I have been asking myself lately is where is that line drawn.

As I learn more and more during this unit about who I am and what I want to be as a professional, my views on social media have changed significantly. From our tutorial discussion it gave me a real insight into different ethical issues, policies and the digital footprint that we as humans are leaving on our own social media platforms.

I personally am aligned with a health and wellness company, who use Network marking as the main way to draw people in. And doing this as a part time job, it basically asks me to accept randoms on my social media account, post about what I do and seek other like minded individuals who want financial freedom. (on a side note: please reach out if you would like to explore this EPIC platform — i’d love to help you get started too).. Back on track. Yes, sometimes I don’t accept people (I think we all get the idea) but I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without ‘accepting’ and reaching out to unknown. COMMUNICATION through technology has only made this profession possible. I am a passion poster on social media. I am all about dropping knowledge bombs and ‘motivation monday’! But when I put my ‘teacher hat on’ — how am I going to keep being a social media warrior. This is personal ethical issue.

I am a big believer in Balance. Is locking up your social media accounts so that you become an invisible human, the person you want to be in this world?! I defiantly don’t. I love posting and seeing what other people are up to.

It makes me feel alive.

I just want to finish up with another ‘power post’ moment to really get you to think…

If a random was to ask for your number in person. Would you give it to them?
If you printed out all your photos on social media. Would you be happy to hand them out to whoever walks down the street?
If you made a rude comment or acted ‘tough’ on someones status. Would you honestly be able to stand up and say it to their face?

I suppose the point I am trying to make… sorry I always seem to go on a little journey… like a little oval.. a bit squished but some how manage to come to a full circle. haha …

is. Yes, technology is amazing. Communication through technology has allowed humans to instantaneously connect. To me this screams positive. but unless you are willing to scream it out loud, don’t say it, post it, or show it. Because us ‘future teachers’ have a responsibility to be respected and respect other people. Watch what you say because it might come back to bite you.

oh sorry, On the ‘negative’ side of advances in technology and human communication… we suck at actually having a face-to-face conversation. Well.. some people do.

One last thought. Unplug once in a while. Take thoes head phones out in the gym. sweat with someone and smile about it together. Because I will be the first to put my hand up and say that are too intrinsic. Be that open minded person and chat to a ‘random’ and listen.

we were born with 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.

Be the change. Don’t let the change, change you.

This blog was written from all my own thoughts and feelings.

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