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Are you and Educator or a Learner?

This question took over my mind when reading an article on and discusses the ever changing way of eductaion. So, before I get ‘down and dirty’ about my opinion on what it means to be both an educator or a learner… I ask you… my readers… To just simply think.

In my personal opinion (please comment below and tell me what you really think if you don’t agree) … the education system in Australia and around the world, has become stale. This is the 21st Century people!! The formal system of ‘education’ we know today, does not work for all individuals, especially young students who don’t even understand how ‘they like to learn’.

Growing up I was under the strict impression that there was only one way of learning in School! I can still hear Mrs Dunkclif ringing in my ears; “Unless you know how to read and write, Dimity, you will not get anywhere in life!” Lucky for me, learning to read and write came in handy, especially going down the career path of becoming a future educator. But for many, at the young age of 6, 7, 12 even 18… the bore that comes along with spelling lists, reading novels and even learning about how the body functions can make ‘learning’ a drag.

The system we know today is, in most cases, not all! but most. Is a system that asks students to listen to their teacher (good!), study hards for a long length of time (normally from years K-12), jump through numerous tests, regulation and requirements just so that they can ‘graduate’! Yay! graudation.. you now know how to write big long essay and figure out what AB2C equals to but… as people (like myself) trying to enter in the big world as young adults, we still are yet to learn how to how to vote (well make an imformed decision about it anyways!), apply for loans, apply for health care and so on. For many individuals this system of ‘education’ can seem like it is never going to end and I know in my self when I was at school I often thought … ‘what is even the point of this topic and how is this going to help me out in life?’

I am not saying that we should stop the fundermental skills taught in school that involve some ‘boring’ learning topics; But I am going to advocate for a change in the way they are taught and what is seen as ‘important topics’.

We’re natural learners. Not Educators. Born with an insatiable curiousity to seek more, want more and learn more.

In the classroom, excitement and engagement is key. From my small knowledge and understanding of how the classroom works… students flourish and light bulbs flicker when they are having fun whilst learning.

Education involes — extrinsic, curriculum and passive

Where as,

Learning seekers — instrinic, curiosity and active participation.

So.. after my rant about our education system. The point I am trying to get out is; don’t be that ‘educator’ that we all remember. Be a learner within a learning environment. Because at the end of the day, when people let down their guard and are willing to learn, they might be surprised how much they can learn from someone else.

Do I need a digital footprint?

Hell yes I do. Everyone does. Like i’ve said before… THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY. By creating this digital footprint; I am entering a constant ‘learning envionment’ as technology and communication are forever evolving within our big bad world.

This makes me excited. No, really. Like I get excited easily. Just even writing this blog I am leaving my digital footprint. Like EXCITING right?!


“Education is what people do to you. Learning is what you do for yourself” (Ito, 2014)



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