#1: Failure To Launch.

Failure to launch has killed more dreams and aspirations than bad reviews, lukewarm receptions or poor releases ever will.

You are your own worst enemy; amplifying the minuscule missteps of life into mountains of devastation that will never actually occur — well, not in that grandiose way you over-anticipated, at least. Let you tell it, those mental misgivings are the reasons why you will never progress further than where you are right now. So, where ARE you? Still on the corner of procrastination and self-doubt?

You make excuses, like Donald Trump became a caricature and bane of America’s political existence overnight. (He didn’t.) His bullsh*t actually took a semblance of hard work and dedication to curate and subsequently distribute. And since Rome certainly wasn’t built in tweet… You will have to start somewhere, and you will have to start eventually. So why not here and now?

Between you and I, I wrote an “intro” to my newsletter at least 5 times. Deleted all versions and then retired the idea. I gave up and thought, “Who really needs to hear from ME anyway, right?” Right. Yet weeks later, on a delayed American Airlines flight to Miami, the words came pouring out. I resolved to the idea that even if you don’t read this, at least I will.

This is not a newsletter about good vibes, positive living, or random quotes of motivation. This is me learning those lessons that no one ever told us would come, and hoping you don’t make the same f#%ked up mistakes that I did in the process.

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