Sun, Sea, Surf.. and Taiwan

Somehow, this summer, I was lucky to have my surfing crew.
Every weekend (either Saturday or Sunday), we gathered in the early morning and hopped on a car, Yilan-bound.

For me, I was a complete novice with just one surfing experience last September.
But I certainly loved the feeling of my body floating or hovering on the sea for a few seconds. 
So I decided to go for more of that taste this summer. Thankfully, there was a company to enjoy this with!

One morning, we stopped by the surf shop to check on some of the surfing boards.
I was astonished by how pricy it was…@@ easily exceeding $1,000 USD.

Wushigang (烏石港) is quite well-known for city surfers (those who come to surf from Taipei).
But where we headed was a beach right next to it called Wai-ao (外澳).

This is how the beach looks like.

Some Greek Santorini style hostels along the coast.

Ready to take on the wave!

Good weather~

Already get changed~

Some photoshoots for my buddy, CW.
Always more interested in taking poses than the actual surfing itself.

Pretending(?) to enjoy the surfing

Yeah… you look like a cool surfer~

Now it was time for me~!


Not so difficult to guess my level doesn’t differ much from CW.

Those sunglasses I wore while surfing ended up in two pieces the next time…RIP… (maybe it was salt water)

With these pictures, CW left for Taipei and eventually for Paris.
Hope you enjoy your European life there, man~!

After intense tumbling in sea, I was out of gas.
So went downtown Doucheng to refill the tank.

Ripped chicken meat rice with noodle soup.

And this is a juice shop notorious for the grumpy lady.
The shop is in good business so the lady is in short temper when customers make orders.
Instead of handing her the order sheet, you have to speak out loud your order (with sugar / ice levels).

My Taiwanese friends try to make fun out of me by asking me to order all of ours in Chinese to her.

I tried but she thought maybe I was too much of an alien for her to take on. 
So she immediately gave up and just took the sheet. lol
Sometimes, ignorance is the best weapon! XD

Sunny day, heavy belly
Take five in shades…

Turtle mountain island (龜山島) far away the coast. 
Want to visit there one time..

Totally random shot but seems like the dog is trying to eat a midget human~ hahaha

It was hard to find a good resting place under shades.
After 5pm, there was shade in the sand beach so I could just lie down to enjoy this view.

Playing around with “little” Lili and Szuyen.

Hmm… posing like a cheap

…and some moments of peace…

Vague sunset..

A street of the surfing board rent shops. 
The one we went to — Hi Surf — rents a board at 500 NTD (if you are a member, you get a discount at 400 NTD).
If you don’t have a top, they also rents you.
The shop usually closes at 6pm.

For dinner, we went to try a brick oven pizza.

The store had good atmosphere (except that there were lots of mosquitoes…)

Full course with a Taiwanese ice dessert.

That’s how you end the day.. 好 sweet~!

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