The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

I completely disagree on every point.

First off, you constantly talk about how this show is about anyone having the risk of dying, yet constantly the sky people have survived impossible moments of death to continue on their journey of taking over lands that do not belong to them and killing every one that stands in their way. The death of finn was an exception but a necessary one because he did massacre an entire village with no reason whatsoever. Another example is Bellamy who seems to somehow put himself in constant danger and massacre hundreds of grounders yet only comes out of it all with minor injuries? It seems to me that those who are at 90% risk of dying are the grounders. It is quite obvious why he would survive though, seeing as the books were centered around his and clarke’s love for each other which quite obviously is the direction your show is headed towards as well.

Second, you did not simply heavily promote the relationship and the character, you flat out blatantly lied about the rumors and dreads around Lexa dying since the end of Season 2. You’ve invited fans to your finale to watch the second-arguably- most fan favorited character to leave them completely vulnerable and exposed to what you already had planned to do ..simply to “shock” your audience. If you really wanted a shock factor, you would have kept her alive. You just simply chose the easy, most predictable way out possible despite having been aware throughout all 3 seasons of the trope you are falling into.

Third, AMC has allowed you to work with Alycia for 7 episodes which is one short of what she did in Season 2, surely you could have found a way to make a more compelling story, if you only wanted to put more effort into it. Also, please do not use this excuse because you keep contradicting yourself every time by telling interviewers how you had this plot planned out from the beginning and then telling us you had no other option when that was the plan way before any of these issues arose.

Fourth, do not think for even a second that you stating what we all knew about the relationship between Lexa and Clarke is what will offer us any comfort or satisfaction. It is simply just adding salt into the wound before you take Clarke into the cliched “love” journey with the leading man.

Fifth, the reincarnation storyline would have been appealing had it been under different circumstances. That idea could have played out with Lexa simply opening up to Clarke on screen and providing her with information more than the usual “the past Commanders spoke to me in my dream”. After all, you do take pride in your “talented” writers, so if you want to tell me that the best you could all think of was this direction, then we’ve all given you and the writers more credit than we thought and you and your crew might not be as talented as you think.

So you telling us about your privilege, other than being a straight white male, and having a platform to tell your “story” through means nothing when you were simply aware of it from the start and still chose, unregretfully, the plotline you took so much pride in. So do not brag about the representation you show us where POC are villainized, handicapped, and simply killed. Just do us a favor and move on from Lexa because although you had created that character, you proved unworthy of the purity of such character. So go on and finish your story in season 4 where you will try to appease us with some “new” representation but just know that it would not be the same because there was only one Commander to us, and that was Lexa. A Commander you chose to take away from everyone with a simple stray bullet to the gut with “shockingly” no way to survive.

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