Hot ICOs of October who have low market caps

In my experience, the really big ROIs come from investing in ICOs with low market caps. Some examples are LINK (4x-5x ICO price) and DNT (maxed at 24x and still at 5x ICO price). Obviously, lots of research has to be done to differentiate the good from the bad, but its worth it for the potentially huge returns. Even when projects are solid like Bancor or Filecoin, there ends up being almost no room for growth because if they evaluate themselves with 200+ million dollar market caps and proceed to raise that much, the price has nowhere to go but down post-ICO. Therefore, I’m only interested in discussing solid, low-market cap ICOs here. I’m going to list the top few choices I’ve seen posted here and elsewhere, and I’ll update the list per your suggestions.

AirToken — (New info, be careful) — The AirToken is a new Ethereum ERC20 token that unlocks free mobile internet through advertising and spot rewards. Besides the stacked team, AirFox is already an established technology that works. With a 15 million dollar market cap, I’d expect a nice ROI. A working mobile app could easily bring the cap up 5x what it is now, if not more. ICO is almost closed for this one.

WePower Pre-sale : 5m is their target to raise, it’s a blockchain-based green energy trading platform, it has a very solid idea with a very active teams. vWhat I love is their market cap, it’’s very easy to make a huge profit return in the future

Upfiring — Incentivized P2P file-sharing. Pretty unique and overall solid concept with a very low market cap. If the app is successful I expect to see huge returns — for reference, similar projects like Siacoin and Filecoin are valued at 20x-30x Upfiring’s ICO price. I skyped with them over an issue I had at the start of the crowdsale and they were very nice/knowledgeable. Their crowdsale contract is also made with in such a way as to prevent people from losing their tokens if they accidentally contribute from an exchange or incompatible wallet. Solid project overall.

Airswap — Similar to shapeshift and 0x, but with a few twists. The team is large and is serious about the project. They use a whitelist for their token sale. There’s a lot of competition here but it seems promising — we’re in need of a good token swap protocol, as none have really stood out as the best yet. Edit: Cap is bigger than I thought. Still a good project but less of a margin for profit.

Request Network — “Raising 100K eth, 21K people in slack before they shut down whitelisting weeks ago, and backed by the top silicon valley seed fund YCombinator.”

CyberX Project — It targets to raise 18m, even they have not taken advantage of ads or paid service to promote, but secretly it’s still a very good project, solid idea and team, I have my own belief that it would make a 4x-5x ICO price

These I suggest you guys to do a research before investing. But they are promising

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