Why can’t we achieve our goals ?

The biggest issue people have is, they say they want to achieve things but, never initiate anything to actually achieve it.

I’m actually writing this article to call myself out. I feel like I’m the worst kind. I never talk about what I want to do. I write them in my journal or in my Evernote app and never bother to look back at them afterwards or do anything to achieve them.

Kid you not, I feel extremely motivated when I’m writing these goals. Almost makes me believe that I might actually end up doing something. But, NO. If I act on one of those things I’ve written, at least one of those things might have worked. I don’t know, I like to assume so. Let me break down how my mind works

  • I get so demotivated up to the point where I end up questioning the purpose of my life.
  • Then I spend almost like 2 days contemplating my whole life. From my birth to up until now.
  • I snap out of that state of mind pretty quickly which I’m proud of. How you may ask?
  • I get this sudden boost of energy and motivation and I start writing everything I want to do. “ this is how you should do it dinithi” “This should be the time frame “ so I write pages and pages of what I should do.
  • Then after couple of HOURS that burst of energy dies. I feel sonewhat hopeful but not satisfied and my dreams fade away hidden in those pages.

That is my honest thought process.

One may think. “ ok simple, you are not aware of who you are. You need to discover yourself” let me stop you right there. I’m so in touch with myself. I know all my weaknesses. I know I’m a huge dreamer who is bit lazy, who wants big things in life but, never actually do anything to achieve them.

I know I’m lazy. I know I’m not confident about myself, my skills. I’m pretty sure this is everyone that falls in the same category as myself.

I think the issue is people including myself spend too much time planning. It doesn’t matter how much we plan if we don’t initiate at least one. I’ve been reading Lilly Singh’s book and she has beautifully said what we all afraid of.

��� ���� You have to seek out situations that make you uncomfortable and then throw yourself into them

���� ��We need to step out of our comfort zone and perfect pink bubble to get dirty

I’m 27 years old. Haven’t actually achieved anything I want, feel I’m the last in everything. But, I don’t want to be like that

I have big dreams. I want big things

I want to start off my first article like this because I’m putting myself out there. I want to document myself and whoever reads this will be the witness to that journey.

I want to do something to make a change in this world. I believe I can do that.