Those Entry-Level Startup Jobs? They’re Now Mostly Dead Ends in the Boondocks
Lauren Smiley

Tech. I started in phone support and now I’m what we call level 3 support. Poly-sci major, way too old to remember that noise. Oh, and I work with golden handcuffs, the federal government. Pigeon holed forever. Some move on and up, but most languish and die at their desk. Some literally.

I was involved in the 1997–98–99, 2000 tech boom, it accelerated my salary as a contractor for the government to unbelievable amounts, for the job. Then the government grabbed me up. The rising salaries were ending, so I bailed with a substantial salary and the Feds exceeded it. See, they were in a rut and needed talent. So, they grabbed up contractors, because we were from the street and had more exposure to emerging technologies. So they thought. Some had great talent, others just took the cheese for comfort and security.

In the end, I’m support without customers in my ear, but hey, there will always be someone unhappy with how things are going, and that’s going in your ear too.

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