DINOMALS™ KICKSTARTER: the action packed, mix and match, create a creature card game made by kids for kids! (Press Release and Media Kit)

4 min readSep 4, 2017


DINOMALS! Half Dinosaur, Half Modern Day Animal! All Fun!


What would a character-driven franchise look like if it were co-invented by kids?

My kids, Zavier, 11, and Lilia, 8, like many kids, are into all of the character franchises- Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Monster High, Superheroes. And that inspired them to work with me on new characters and stories and games of their own to share with their friends.

And so together, we created DINOMALS.

As we build this universe around these unique and original characters, we will be focused on positive aspects of being a kid and growing up. Good sportsmanship, manners, friendship, and self-respect will be the cornerstones of this new franchise. But also excitement, fun and action!

To launch the DINOMALS universe, we built a Kickstarter Card Game campaign that kids and their parents will be crazy about. It’s kid created, tested, and approved. The perfect way to kick off the school year!


There are 5 DINOMALS currently in the game:

Triharetops is half rabbit, half triceratops. Tough, but huggable!

Stigersaurus is half stegosaurus, half tiger. One sharp dressed cat!

Apatosauraffe is half giraffe, half apatosaurus. Quiet, but friendly!

Raptoricorn is half velociraptor, half unicorn. Unique and fierce!

Penguinosaurus Rex is half tyrannosaurus rex, half penguin. Surf and Turf!

Intorducing the 5 DINOMALS!

The goal of the game is to make one of these DINOMALS. Collect dinosaurs and animals and smush them together to create a DINOMAL before your opponents.

You also have to be strategic and use SLAM cards to prevent your opponents from building their DINOMAL.

We’ve already seen the amazing reaction from kids who meet the DINOMALS. And we know that as we continue to explore these characters through other games, books and toys that they will find their way into the hearts of families everywhere.

Watch a video demo and meet the kids here:

Here is a 30 second game synopsis:

Here is a video of Zavier walking you through an entire game:


  • Kickstarter Launch date —Wednesday September 13, 2017 @ 9am EST
  • Price— Many tiers available including a download only version for $10, with physical game boxes for $20 (+s/h)
  • Website — See the full Kickstarter details, including how to play and see all reward levels at http://Dinomals.com



email: bryan AT dinomals.com

Or contact DINOMALS at:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/thedinomals

Twitter: http://twitter.com/dinomals

Instagram: http://instagram.com/dinomals



The Dad: Bryan Gaffin. An advertising Creative Director for over 20 years, Bryan has brought to life some of the world’s largest brands. Bryan is also a self-professed Pop Culture Expert, whose knowledge is only suprassed by that of his beautiful wife, Elyssa.

The Boy: Zavier Gaffin. Zavier, 11, is really into sports (especially his hometown New York Mets), reading anything he can get his hands on (mostly books by Rick Riordan), and Pokemon. This is already Zavier’s second game creation, preceded by a Revolutionary War board game he created for his 4th grade project.

The Girl: Lilia Gaffin. Lilia, 8, is a natural performer who loves musical theater, Star Wars, Monster High and drawing. You can currently find her (or at least her picture) at every Mets home game starring in the CitiPerks ad campaign.



Please use the following photos as needed.

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Hi-res PNG of the Dinomals
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Roar! The kids are excited!
A sample winning hand! Make a Penguinosaurus Rex
All the cards!
Zavier Gaffin, 11
Lilia Gaffin, 8




Dinomals are half dinosaur, half animal, all fun! Kickstarter card game coming September 13. Dinomals.com