Thanks to one woman, India is finally opening up about sex

I’m sitting in my cozy hotel room just a couple of blocks away from the iconic Taj Mahal. The historical monument that celebrates love.

It’s so ironic that the breathtakingly beautiful structure exists in a country where love, dating and sex — all things beautiful — are taboo topics.

A new startup, helmed by a woman who has worked in development for years, is trying to get Indians out of their little closets and talk openly about sex and relationships. That woman is Avani Parekh and the startup is Love Doctor.

This week my story on LoveDoctor was published in FastCoExist, which covers world changing ideas and innovation.

Last year, I wrote a story about student activists who are making menstruation a topic of debate in this country. It was published in DAME Magazine.

Both LoveDoctor and the menstruation activists were inspired in part by the gang rape in New Delhi that shocked the world in late 2012. That one incident jolted young men and women across India so much, they knew they had to do something. It also had an impact on me. In early 2013, I decided that in addition to covering ground-breaking science stories, I will also cover culture stories with a focus on women’s issues.

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