Moonlight Magic …

So, we all know they say. “What goes around, comes around”, “Karma is a bitch”, & “You get back, what you put out”. That is very true. I’ve experienced a lot to be so young. GOOD & BAD. But I’m still blessed beyond measures.

Just wanted to tell y’all this cool little thing that happened out here. For the first time in my 18 & almost 9 months of life … I saw a …


I never thought I would see one. Especially not where I’m from. If they’re even out there .. I don’t know. I was very much so a house girl. But this Texas living, it’s nice & to be honest I LOVE it.

My Wish: Get a job within the next week & have.

Craziest part about it, I got an email for an interview 2 days later, had my interview on Sunday. Got an email about being hired 40 minutes later. It was such a blessing & I can’t say it was the shooting star.

But I can say, the moment I genuinely was ready to let positivity out towards people I had nothing but negative feelings about. Nothing but positive energies started flowing my way & I can’t be anything more than thankful.

Can’t wait for my next shooting star & wish. Just to see if that one comes true too.