6 Benefits of Goat Milk

1. Moisture

Goat’s milk is rich in essential fatty acids and triglycerides which are extremely moisturizing for your skin.

2. Alpha hydroxy acid

Alpha hydroxy acid is used as an exfoliating agent, meaning that it removes the older, surface skin cells, revealing fresher skin cells.

3. No More Rashes

Goat milk as a natural anti-inflammatory property so no rashes or redness. Soothes dry and damage skin.

4. Protein

The protein structures in goat milk have shorter strand proteins, which are also more easily absorbed by the skin. This greater absorption property of fat and protein helps leave skin smooth and supple.

5. Acne Killer

High levels of protein in goat milk kill acne producing bacteria and help to prevent them at later stages. Stops the growth of bacteria and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which means that dirt settled in the pores does not become inflamed which is what later becomes acne.

6. Vitamins

Vitamin A can treat the fine wrinkles, fade brown spots, and smooth roughness thus reducing signs of aging. Goat milk contains up to 47% more than cow’s milk.

Vitamin B boosts hydration to reduce redness, and is a great ingredient if your complexion is dry or sensitive.

Vitamin C is the all around anti-ager. It helps with the brightness of skin, as well as defending against signs of aging.

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption, and is essential for those who work indoors, or don’t have the opportunity to receive enough sunlight during the day.

Vitamin E, mostly found in sun screens and after-sun products, Vitamin E eases dryness and bolsters skin’s UV defense.

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