Threads of time


Yes, you.
Come a little closer.

Let your warm breath sire clouds against my chilled skin
Watch as the moisture drips and carves clarity into your reflection
Do you like what you see?

Your beauty is everlasting.

I promise that the nature and the wisdom that you radiate back at me is not lost.
Do not let it become lost on you.

Let me relish in those crevices beside your lips
Like crevasses that climbers climb — a feat of resiliency and the achievements of man.
Don’t botox them away.

Scurrying to fill those lines with injectable toxins.
Would you ever dare to fill the emptiness with idle chatter after a meditation’s silence?
Those lines belie the endurance of your life
Those wiry hairs, sans melanin, hold the secrets of your brave adventures
Not to be plucked away 
Just as you would not dare to pluck an errant thread from a delicate ancient scroll.

Your body, the temple, supports your every dream, wish and command.
Let those lines carve a map of your past and a road to your future.

Celebrate the treasure trove that is you.


Yes you.

Come a little closer.