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I stumbled across TEDx San Diego while browsing the internet one day, and decided that I would like to go to one of these conferences at some point in my life. Coming across the TEDx San Diego page, I promptly noticed that I would be in San Diego at that time, and filled out an application. (Yes, you must apply in order to attend a TEDx Conference)

I applied, thinking that I probably wouldn't get in seeing as I had applied late, and probably wasn't the hyper-entrepreneur that other people probably were. …

photo credit: jeff o_o via photopin cc

Why Distinguishing Between Extroverts and Introverts is Inadequate

I’ve always hated the distinction between introverts and extroverts because I never could identify with either side. The accepted school of thought is that a person is either one or the other, without any middle ground.

According to Myers Briggs, perhaps the most widely popular and accepted personality test, extroverts are action oriented, seek breadth of knowledge and influence, prefer frequent interaction, and get energy from spending time with people while introverts are thought oriented, seek depth of knowledge and influence, prefer more substantial interaction, and get their energy from spending time alone.

However, contrary to the binary choices provided…

Daniel Kao

高德理 // Graphics, Data, and Code @TheNewsLens previously @NYTimes, @officeofedtech , @stu_voice and @Ooyala.

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