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Win the Battle and Enjoy a Peaceful Pregnancy Sleep

During your pregnancy, literally, you undergo a ‘half battle’ every night to have a sound sleep. And, before that, akin to countless women, you possibly spend 10–15 minutes, keeping one hand on your raised bump to resolve that laying on which side will be comfortable, appropriate and safe for your fetus.

In this regard, it is the esteemed society the APA (The American Pregnancy Association) affirms that the enlarged size of tummy especially in the later days of pregnancy makes it difficult to choose the correct posture and this is a common issue to every woman. Apart from this, the complications including back pain, heartburn, cramping, frequent urinating and other sleep disturbances make your night horrible, overwhelming and wearisome. To help you out, this article offers you a few guidelines about the sides that you should choose and strategic use of pillows enabling you to have a peaceful night sleep.

When Lying on Your Left Side

Sleeping on your left tends to be the best positioning for a pregnant woman as per the study of the American Pregnancy Association. The great attribute of this posture is that, it may be truly supportive to rescue you from all your night distresses. Sleeping on the side, especially towards the left is enviable since it elevates the amount of nutrients as well as blood to reach the baby. Also, this is a proven fact that sleeping on the left improves the efficiency of the kidney to perform better or eliminate more waste and thus, results in reduction of swelling in feet or ankles. In different studies, it has been observed that the position is good enough to keep your uterus away from forcing down the liver. This is why; you are recommended to be acquainted to sleep on the left during your pregnancy.

When Lying on Your Right Side

In case, you are adapted to sleep on your right part, no need to overwhelm you for changing your habit. No worry. The APA confirms you that sleeping on the right are also a helpful position for a would-be mom and her baby. It is rather difficult for us to maintain a particular side throughout the night and from that viewpoint, either side is good for you. However, you should try, not to sleep on your back as it causes the uterus in resting on the chief blood vessels and result in breathing issues, low BP or lead to dizziness. However, when you wake up in the morning or night and find that you are resting on your back, never panic. Just shift to any side.

Recline With Pillow Support

If your entire body or some of its parts that shoulder excess strain are mounted over a spongy cushion, it can definitely help you to have a comfortable and sound sleep. By employing a new generation pregnancy pillow like Boppy total body pillow, designed specifically for expectant moms, attain a comfortable and peaceful sleeping experience. The pillows come in multiple sizes, shapes and styles. As you lie facing the sides, just place this foamed cushion among your curved knees. To alleviate back pain, you are recommended to sleep with a pillow, keeping it under your abdomen while the upper back can be supported by another pillow that keep you away from the common problem of heartburn. You can buy pregnancy pillows from reputed maternity accessory shops and through online from good retail online stores. Total body support pillow is a good one to buy.


To enjoy your pregnancy period, be wise to outfit your bed with a pregnancy pillow. It eliminates difficulty sleep of pregnancy, provides protection to your baby and enable you to attain a peaceful sleep.

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