Taqtile Helps Bryson DeChambeau Hack the Green with New HoloLens Putting Experience

How is a perfect game crafted? Is it a feeling a pro golfer gets when they are standing over a putt on the 72nd hole, squinting to line up the winning shot? Is it a tickle at the back of the neck that hints at a slight change in the wind? Perhaps it is the slight variation in the angle of their feet on the green, hinting at a deceptive slope? Bryson DeChambeau thinks the secret is data visualization. We agree.

Taqtile collaborated with Bryson DeChambeau and Microsoft on a new HoloLens putting experience currently being featured in a national TV ad campaign by Microsoft. The app can be used as either a solo or collaborative experience: Bryson can use it on his own to prepare for a tournament, or he can join up with a coach or caddie to plan his attack.

Picture this: it’s the night before a major tournament, and Bryson has just received information about tomorrow’s course from tournament officials, including the first round’s hole locations. He’s allowed to make notes in his yardage book & pin sheet, but no other information or tools can accompany him onto the golf course. How does he decide where to focus his preparation? Being the ‘Golf scientist’ that he is, he pulls out his HoloLens and starts dropping virtual balls on a holographic green. He is then able to visualize and plan his putts, testing and retesting each shot based on the actual hole location and simulation data rather than feel and intuition.

Bryson using the HoloLens putting experience to plan a shot.

The experience features Winged Foot Golf Course (West) in NY. It utilizes putting-specific physics algorithms which account for factors such as green speed (stimp), slope, distance and stroke intensity. The detailed holographic representation of the green can be overlaid with animated flow arrows representing grade, grids, and contour lines to assist with shot planning and analysis.

Taqtile was thrilled to work with Bryson on this project, which was a result of the original work we did on the PGA Tour HoloLens experience that was built on top of our HoloMaps platform (which you can download from the Windows store if you have a HoloLens). The reaction upon showing the PGA Tour experience to golf professionals during The Players Championship last May was extremely positive, and it got a lot of people thinking “what could we do next?”

Another golf pro who has been impressed with our work is Gregg Rogers, whose UWP Golf Instruction App (optimized for the Microsoft Surface Pro) was also built by Taqtile. Check out the Microsoft Customer Stories blog for insight into how Taqtile, Microsoft, and Gregg Rogers Golf Performance collaborated to help golfers learn and improve their game.

Gregg Rogers Golf Performance Instruction App (UWP).

These tools are just the latest development in Taqtile’s six-year history of building innovative solutions for sports. We are excited to continue working with folks like Bryson, Gregg Rogers, and Robert Smith as well as with organizations like Real Madrid, and many other players, leagues and teams around the world, to revolutionize the athlete and fan experience.