Most Important Factors To Picking a Vegas Nightclub

and other interesting feedback regarding Vegas Nightlife

We surveyed nearly a thousand (981 to be exact) Vegas club-goers using an online survey platform to get better insight into what the typical guest thinks, looks for, prefers, and everything else in between when it comes to the Vegas club scene. We conducted this survey for our own separate project, but after procuring the data we needed for our market research, we set aside a few that might be interesting to the general public for their own entertainment.

Age & Sex demographic of participants

25–29yo 40%

21–24yo 34%

30–34yo 20%

35yo+ 6%

Typically, how many people do you have in your group?

54% of the guests said: 4–6 ppl

25% of the guests said: 9–10 ppl

14% of the guests said: 7–8 ppl

16% of the guests said: 1–3 ppl

What are the most important factors to you when choosing a Nightclub or Pool Party?

Music/DJ/Cover Price: 75% mentioned

Popularity, Line Situation: 49% mentioned

Venue Size, Cust. Service: 23% mentioned

Yelp Rating, $$$, Design: 5% mentioned

Other factors came up less than 5% of the time questioned

How organized are your trips to Vegas?

70% of the guests said: Very organized, almost everything is planned out in advanced.

28% of the guests said: Depends on who I am going with.

2% of the guests said: I wing it

Describe the planning process of your group before coming to Vegas?

73% of the guests said: Main person researches, shares, votes, Main person sets up

12% of the guests said: Everyone researches, shares, votes, Main person sets up

8% of the guests said: Main person researches, Main person decides & sets up

6% of the guests said: 2–3 people researches, decides, everyone else just follows

1% of the guests said: Everyone researches, shares, votes, Main person vetoes

How does everyone in the group communicate during the planning process?

72% of the guests said: Group Text

17% of the guests said: Facebook Messenger

4% of the guests said: Emails

4% of the guests said: Whatsapp

3% of the guests said: Other

What is your method of reserving for Bottle Service, Guest List, Tickets for a Nightclub or Pool Party?

49% of the guests said: Through a Host or Promoter

32% of the guests said: Directly through the venue

19% of the guests said: Third Party / Online Service

If a venue offered the same perks/service that the host or promoter provides, would you still go through a promoter? (Example: providing a guest services rep to meet you at the venue, answer your questions during the planning process)

81% of the guests said: No, in that case a host 0r promoter is pointless.

12% of the guests said: Depends on the level of service compared to the promoter/host.

7% of the guests said: Yes.

How often do you change your Host or Promoter contacts for Vegas in a given year?

64% of the guests said: At least once a year

17% of the guests said: Never

8% of the guests said: Twice a year

11% of the guests said: Too many to count

What are the primary factors that causes you to switch your promoter or host contact?

Unreliable/Incompetent: 77% mentioned

Doesn’t reply fast enough: 74% mentioned

RUDE: 51% mentioned

No Pull at the club: 41% mentioned

No Longer in Industry: 36% mentioned

Shady: 32% mentioned

Ego Problems: 27% mentioned

Creepy: 12% mentioned

If you can change one thing about Vegas Nightclubs what would it be?

Bigger Dancefloor: 85% mentioned

Less “Douchey” Rude Staff: 71% mentioned

Better variety of music: 65% mentioned

Less claustrophobic & tight: 41% mentioned

More security guards: 30% mentioned

More ventilation: 12% mentioned

Lower music volume: 4% mentioned

Smaller venues: 4% mentioned

*we left out the obvious changes people would request such as cheaper drinks, faster line, cheaper entry, etc.

List the 3 Nightclubs you’ve frequented the most while in Vegas?

XS: 91% mentioned

HAKKASAN: 83% mentioned

MARQUEE: 81% mentioned

TAO: 72% mentioned

DRAIS NIGHTCLUB: 71% mentioned

OMNIA: 69% mentioned

1OAK: 59% mentioned

ALL OTHER: 38% mentioned

How about pool parties?

WET REPUBLIC: 76% mentioned

ENCORE BEACHCLUB: 71% mentioned

MARQUEE DAYCLUB: 70% mentioned

TAO BEACH: 61% mentioned

ALL OTHER: 32% mentioned

How is Bottle Service at a Vegas club priced in relation to what you think is a fair market price?

49% of the guests said: Overpriced by 25% — 50%

22% of the guests said: Overpriced by 75%

21% of the guests said: Overpriced by 10–25%

5% of the guests said: Overpriced by over 100%

3% of the guests said: Fairly priced


Your typical Vegas club goer is a female between the ages of 25–29, who comes with a total of 4–6 people in her party. She picks her venue based on what music the club plays, who the DJ is, and what the cover price is. Her group is very organized and has the entire trip planned out, which she researches & discusses with the rest of her party using group messaging. Upon finalizing as a group, she will contact her most recent host or promoter (who is reliable, competent, and replies quickly) to set her up at either XS or Hakkasan and any other club that fits on the radar. If it’s pool season she will most likely choose Wet Republic or Encore Beachclub.


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