About the Association for Financial Markets in Europe

A trade finance specialist from South Africa, Dirk Coetzer serves as the president of trade finance of Firminy Trading, Inc. In addition, Dirk Coetzer serves as the managing director of Firminy Capital Sarl in Luxembourg, where he oversees the performance of the Firminy Equity Fund.

To ensure timely and law-abiding updates to the Firminy Equity Fund, Firminy Capital Sarl and a member of the European Securitization Forum oversee the fund. The European Securitization Forum is part of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe, also known as AFME. Established in November 2009, AFME resulted from a merger involving the European Arm of the Securities Industries and Financial Markets Association and London Investment Banking Association. The organization also leads the European Covered Bond Dealers Association, European Primary Dealers Association, European High Yield Association, European Primary Markets Division, and European Securities Services Forum.

AFME aims to positively impact Europe’s wholesale financial markets. Serving as the voice of banks and capital market players, it shapes regulatory standards by working closely with policymakers to educate them on the industry’s perspective and ensure the consideration of all sides when formulating new standards or amending current standards.

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