Firminy Capital Sarl Duties and Practices

Dirk Coetzer serves as managing director at Firminy Capital Sarl and ICON Investments Fund. Under the leadership of Dirk Coetzer, Firminy Capital Sarl oversees Firminy Equity Fund, which is a private securitization fund.

Firminy Capital Sarl seeks to ensure safe, profitable, and successful securitizations and has the expertise to make this goal a reality. Its team consists of members who specialize in several fields related to securitizations, including banking and structured finance, and its services are tailored to an institutional client base.

Firminy Capital Sarl partners with several banks to take the lead on debt management issues, ensuring that its funds are overseen by those most experienced in the field. Its current strategy focuses on private placements geared to suit current market conditions, and it also keeps an eye toward partnerships with organizations that performed well during times of market turmoil. These successful financial institutions serve as a safeguard against failure and support Firminy in its primary goal of client satisfaction.

Firminy Capital Sarl and its related organizations do not sell or issue securities to members of the general public at this time.